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Last updated on July 25th, 2018

vigrx delay spray premature ejaculation best male desensitizer penis spray reviewListen up. I’m going to tell you a secret about how to make sex even more amazing.

It’s just something that I use called a male desensitizer spray, which is a spray that absorbs into penile tissue and makes it less sensitive during sex.

You will last longer in bed with a male desensitizer, and one of the most popular male desensitizers is a product that I love called VigRX Delay Spray.

Rating of VigRX Delay Spray: 5 Stars

No, your eyes aren’t fooling you. The makers of the amazing VigRX Plus have produced a new product that helps with premature ejaculation, called VigRX Delay Spray. It is an application that you spray on your penis shaft and glans, then massage in. The formula absorbs into the penile tissue and helps your nerves to be less sensitive to sexual stimuli.

The result from this awesome over-the-counter medicine? You last longer in bed and your partner will be happy. Yay!

VigRX Delay Spray is one of the best of all penis desensitizer sprays. It has Benzocaine, a mild anesthetic – a departure from other sprays which tend to use Lidocaine – to relax the nerves in the penis.

It is fast-acting and with very good reviews coming in (including mine) about how long guys are lasting when they use VigRX Spray, it’s hard to find much at fault with this awesome product.

Why Guys Buy VigRx Delay Spray

Men buy VigRX Delay Spray to last longer in bed, plain and simple. VigRX Delay Spray makes pleasure seem like it lasts forever. Studies show that VigRX Delay Spray helps guys:

  • Last longer in bed
  • Orgasm when they want too
  • Enjoy foreplay, teasing, and other actions that lead up to penetration and orgasm
  • Help their woman climax
  • Have more enjoyable sex lives

With VigRX you can have that tremendous feeling that you have during sex for longer than you ever have before. No lie. You will last longer and ejaculate when you want.

One of the ways I have fought premature ejaculation is to use a condom. That takes some time, and if you struggle with erectile dysfunction then putting on a condom doesn’t help things. With a densensitizer spray, my wife and I can go straight to sex once I am hard.

Now do you see why VigRX Delay Spray is so popular?

Benefits of VigRX Delay Spray

There are a lot of benefits to using VigRX Delay Spray. The most important is that you know what you are getting – a great product from the makers of VigRX Plus. VigRX Delay Spray stands out for:

  • 67 day money back guarantee
  • Pleasure that lasts for what seems like forever
  • The ability to choose when you climax and orgasm
  • Better results than from other male desensitizers
  • Painless male enhancement
  • Discretion (you don’t need a prescription, and you don’t have to be embarrassed when you ask the pharmacist for it)
  • Orgasms for your partner (maybe even more than one orgasm)

Some clarification on that last point. VigRX Delay Spray by itself won’t make your partner multi-orgasmic – rather it helps you last longer in bed. That gives you a chance to light her fire enough to make her climax.

A British study found that in a perfect world, women like intercourse for about 21 minutes. I know I wasn’t able to make it anywhere near that long, so I needed some help. But VigRX Delay Spray may help get you there – and get her off in the process. That is one of my biggest concerns. I want my wife to enjoy sex as much as I do. With the help of a penis spray, she does.

Downsides of VigRX Delay Spray

There aren’t many things to dislike about VigRX Delay Spray. But I’m aiming for an objective review here, so if you want the drawbacks of it, they include:

  • Some guys don’t like lidocaine
  • Numbness if you use too much

You are at risk of numbness with any male desensitizer spray, including VigRX Delay Spray. That’s why it is important to just use one to three sprays for each session. If you are seeing a doctor for your PE or ED issues, follow your doctor’s advice before using the product.

The Company

You may know the story here. VigRX Delay Spray comes from the guys who make VigRX Plus. That means you get the expertise of leaders in male enhancement, along with quality. VigRX Delay Spray is made with strict health and safety regulations in North America. You also get live customer service.

Great Value

VigRX Delay Spray is priced very well, especially when you look at how it stands out from other delay sprays. It’s got the VigRX name on it and their knowledge of the male biology. More importantly it’s going to put unbelievable pleasure in your bedroom at a price that’s not going to kill your bank account.

67 Day Money Back Guarantee:

This leads into my next point. You get a 67 day money back guarantee when you buy VigRX Delay Spray.

That’s 60 days plus a week to ship the product back to the company if you don’t like it. You do have to pay for shipping and handling, but getting to try this for 67 days gives you ample opportunity to decide if it is right for you and your partner.

VigRX Delay Spray’s guarantee is among the best in the business.

Recommendation of VigRX Delay Spray

I definitely think you should try VigRX Delay Spray. Guys are saying it helps them delay orgasm and gives their ladies a chance to climax several times as well. For a thrill like you wouldn’t believe, combine VigRX Delay Spray with VigRX Plus or Semenax. That’s more fun than you’d think was possible in the bedroom! Just like old times!

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