Can My Erectile Dysfunction Be Cured?

Last updated on July 23rd, 2018

The question that has constantly run through my mind as I fight erectile dysfunction is can my erectile dysfunction be cured. I wish there was a magic potion that would take ED away from me forever. Erectile dysfunction at a young age isn’t fun, and it would be awesome if a cure could be found.

To me, a cure for erectile dysfunction would mean that the days of always taking medicine in order to have an erection during sex would be over. But that hasn’t happened.

That doesn’t mean that I have not been able to find treatments to give me and my wife a satisfying sex life. Some of the treatments work almost all of the time for me, while success for other erectile dysfunction treatments come and go.

While not cures, here are some of my favorite erectile dysfunction treatments. I have tried all of these, and while they are not guaranteed to work for everyone, these have been the best for me.

Free Trial of VigFX

VigFX erectile dysfunction premature ejaculation hard erectionEver heard of VigFX? You should, because it is one of the best male libido pills available.

It is an all-natural men’s virility supplement for both libido and performance. VigFx has close to a 90% absorption rate because of the enteric coating that provides a protective shell around the natural ingredients that make VigFX so potent.

Two great things about VigFX and why you should start here when trying to conquer ED.

First, it is available over-the-counter online. This means no awkward conversations at the pharmacy.

Second, you can get a FREE TRIAL right now. This may not last forever, so certainly jump on it now. When you get your free trial they will want you to put in your credit card information, but if you don’t to go further than the free trial then you can simply call and cancel. There are no hidden fees when you sign up. The medicine is free, you just pay a small shipping and handling fee.

I’d love for you to read further, but you must get the free trial of VigFX right now. Get it here.

You can also read my full review.

VigRX Oil

VigRX Oil erectile dysfunction premature ejaculation hard erectionFrom the same makers of VigFX comes VigRX Oil. What makes this different? Well, it is a water-based lubricant that you apply to your penis right before sex, and within minutes, or even seconds, the natural ingredients are flowing to help you get a hard erection. It can be a fun bit of foreplay to have your woman apply it for you as well.

Like VigFX, VigRX Oil is bought online and is over-the-counter. You get immediate results at a price much lower than the price of prescription medications like Viagra.

If you want immediate results that will enhance your erection and your sex life, check out VigRX Oil here.

Penile Injections

It sounds awful, doesn’t it? Just the thought of sicking a needle into your penis just to get an erection. I thought the same thing. The physician assistant I see for my ED didn’t initially start me out on the Bimix injections when we started a treatment path, but when other medications didn’t do the trick he introduced me to penile injections.

After I make the injection I only have to wait about 5 minutes to feel the effects, which is basically just a little engorgement of my penis. Once that happens, I have no trouble getting a firm erection that does not go away before I ejaculate.

Even after I orgasm I am able to stay mostly hard, which helps prolong the fun and gives my wife a chance to orgasm if she hasn’t already.

You have to be careful to not give yourself too much medicine or else you can end up with a priapism, which is very dangerous and needs immediate medical attention. Still, if you think you can give yourself a shot, I would definitely recommend talking to your doctor about a penile injection.

You can see my full review here. Can ED be cured through it? Not necessarily, but it is the closest thing I have found.


If you want to go the prescription drug route, this is probably the place to start. Viagra was the first erectile dysfunction most of us had ever heard of. And it is still around because it works. Viagra comes in 100 mg tablets, and they are very dependable for me. You have to wait about an hour for Viagra to work, so it requires some planning, but I have had great success at getting a firm erection after using Viagra.

The only side effect I had with Viagra is a stuffy head, but that happens to me with every erectile dysfunction oral medication.

Viagra, like most erectile dysfunction medicine, is not cheap, and many insurance plans do not cover the cost. However, Pfizer offers discounts.

Daily Use Cialis

I have had pretty good success with daily use Cialis. However, I don’t use it on a daily basis. It was suggested to me by my physician assistant to take 5 pills at a time, every few days. Each daily use pill is 5 mg, so when I take 5, the dose is 25 mg. That has been enough for me to get a reliable erection for about 2 days. The first time I tried it, my wife and I had sex 2 nights in a row, which had gotten to be unheard of.

I get the same stuffy head that I get with Viagra when I use Cialis, but other than that it has been great.  Talk to your doctor about it. You can read my full daily use Cialis review here.

Can My Erectile Dysfunction Be Cured? Maybe, Maybe Not, But There Are Great Treatments

While ED may not actually be able to be cured, you can find great treatments. Some people have also had success by overcoming the mental aspect of erectile dysfunction. Anxiety plays a big part in the problem, and seeing a professional can help solve the problem.

So can ED be cured? Maybe so, but my wife and I have been able to find treatments that allow us to have a more satisfying sex life together.

Mike D

I have struggled with erectile dysfunction since I was in my 20s. It hasn't been easy dealing with it, but with the help of a doctor, medications, and a great wife, I have been able to overcome ED. I created this site to help out other guys who are dealing with the same situation.

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