Muse is a medicine that is used for erectile dysfunciton

Did MUSE Work for Me to Help Erectile Dysfunction? My Experience and Review

Last updated on July 23rd, 2018

After I told my physician assistant that I was only having moderate success with Viagra and Cialis, he suggested I try MUSE. MUSE stands for medicated urethral system for erections, and it is used by inserting a small medicated pellet into the urethra through the end of the penis.

Right. It didn’t sound appealing, but the PA was optimistic, and I read great things online about how it helped men with ED at a young age. I got some instruction from the doctor’s office, and I read all of the brochures. The night came for my wife and I to try it out, and I was very hopeful that it would work.

What Was My Review of MUSE for Erectile Dysfunction?

It is recommended that you urinate first before inserting the MUSE applicator into your penis to help lubricate your urethra. I did that, but the experience still wasn’t pleasant. The applicator stung, and I just wasn’t comfortable with the whole experience. One of the things you are told is to make sure you rock the applicator to get the pellet out. I did that and checked to make sure the pellet came out, which it did. I waited the amount of time that is suggested, and my wife and I got down to business.

Unfortunately, business didn’t last long as I got absolutely no reaction from my penis. Talk about disappointing. When I told the PA about the experience he was bewildered. He had been very hopeful that MUSE would work for me. A good thing to come about through the experience was that the failure led to the next step of bimix penile injections, which have been a major breakthrough in my sex life and battle with erectile dysfunction.

I am certainly not saying that MUSE is a bad product. Many men have had great success with it. It just didn’t work for me the one time I tried it. Maybe the problem was me. Like I said, I wasn’t comfortable with the process, and maybe that just put my mind in the wrong place from the beginning. Getting an erection is all about being comfortable and stress-free. I certainly wasn’t those things when I tried MUSE.

It also is possible that I did not apply the pellet properly. I know that the pellet was gone when I removed the applicator, but maybe I did not release it in the right spot.

Should You Buy MUSE for Erectile Dysfunction?

So, did MUSE help with the erectile dysfunction I was experiencing?  Well, because I have been able to have great erections from the injections, I most likely will not try MUSE again, but lots of people like it, so I would still recommend it. I completely trust my PA, so if he was good with me using it, I have no reason to think it was a bad idea.  You can see a video about MUSE here.

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