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How Bimix Penile Injections Have Saved My Sex Life

Last updated on July 23rd, 2018

After trying for several years to find a reliable way to get and maintain an erection, my doctor finally decided to introduce me to penile injections.  Being in my mid-30s, this was not something either of us had anticipated.  When he and I first began discussing the treatment path for erectile dysfunction at a young age, he mentioned injections, but he did not think it would be required.  After all, it is not normally required for a young person.

But the medications I had tried and the various nutritional methods I had tried just were not working for me.  It was a down period in my life, because those other methods work for most men.  I was getting desperate though, and my wife and I needed a reliable method to have sex.

The prescription I was given was a bimix solution.  There is also a trimix, but bimix is what I was given and what I still use.  It is typically only available at a specialty pharmacy and insurance does not help pay for it, although it is cheaper than most ED pills.

Do Penile Injections Work?

The first thing I wanted to know was do penile injections work.  The answer to that is a resounding yes.  They have revitalized my relationship with my wife, and given us a rejuvenated relationship in general.  We have a great marriage, but when ED at a young age gets in the way it has a tendency to overwhelm even the best relationships.

After I administer the medicine, I am able to achieve an erection within 10 minutes.  Usually, the timeframe is shorter than that.  I can get erections without thinking about it, which has been my biggest problem since my troubles began in my 20s.  I take the medicine, my wife and I begin foreplay, and then we have sex.  For men without ED, this sounds like standard operating procedure, but for guys that cannot get an erection, simple lovemaking like this can seem impossible.

Getting an erection is not all that is great about penile injections.  Contrary to ED pills, the erection does not go away after I ejaculate.  Now, I don’t necessarily stay as hard as I do with a full erection, but it is still 80-90% there.  This allows my wife to finish if I finish before her.  But it also allows her to finish before me, or for us to finish at the same time.

Don’t the Commercials Say to Avoid Erections That Last Too Long?

There is a danger with penile injections.  If you give yourself too much medicine, you run the risk of having an erection that lasts too long which can lead to priapism.  My doctor gives me the ability to dose as I need by trial and error, but he makes sure that I seek help if my erection lasts 3 hours.  So far I have not had to deal with that, although I do get a little nervous when 2 hours go by and I’m still standing at attention.

Not to mention it can be a little uncomfortable going about your day with an erection.  Certainly don’t plan any important public appearances within a couple of hours of taking a penile injection.

By now, I have a pretty good idea of what will do the trick, and I can avoid the pitfalls while still having great sex with my wife.

Do Penile Injections Hurt?  Sounds Unpleasant

There are more pleasant things to do in life than stab yourself in your penis.  But having sex is one of those more pleasant things, and injections have allowed me to do that with 100% reliability.  Yes, the injection does sting, and yes, it stings when the medicine starts to flow through your penis.  But for me, the injections have been well worth it.

The needle I use is a standard diabetic needle, so it is very thin.  I insert the needle and grimace knowing that a good time is ahead.

Side Effects of Penile Injections?

So far, I have not had any side effects, other than some worry when my erection lasts 2 hours.  I am able to dial back the dose if a prior dose kept me hard too long.  My doctor has informed me that scarring can form if you are not careful about moving your injection sites around, but so far I have not had trouble with that.

My Wife Loves It

My wife also loves the penile injections.  She doesn’t watch me take it or anything, but the reliability and firmness of the erection has completed boosted our sex life.  She has commented on the fact that it doesn’t help in the spontaneity department, but that is more of an ED problem than an injection problem.  Besides with an ED pill, you really have to plan sex.  With the injections, 10 minutes is all you need to be ready.  Plenty of time to fool around and get going.

It also took her a while to get past the idea that it was the medicine getting me hard, and not my desire for her.  But that is not the case.  I still have to be turned on to get the erection, and the medicine helps me get there.  If I took the medicine and then watched a football game, I might get some engorgement, but I wouldn’t get an erection unless she stood in front of the tv and took her clothes off.

Talk to Your Doctor

In my experience, doctors can be hesitant to prescribe penile injections.  They would rather try the less invasive methods first, and that is probably a good thing.  But the injections have been awesome for me, and I will continue to do them.

Other Things to Try

If you still aren’t sure about whether bimix injections are right for you, here is another ED product I’d recommend. It has good results, the first bottle is free, and has a money back guarantee. Try it and see if you can avoid injections. It’s called VigFX, and you can get more information here.

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