How To Fix A Crooked Penis? This Method Is The Best And So Easy To Do

Last updated on August 1st, 2018

ProExtender Penis Lengthening Device all natural penis enlargement how to fix a crooked penis device size matters male enhancementIf you are here, you are wondering how to fix a crooked penis. Maybe you are a man that is self-conscious and looking for the best way to straighten your penis. Or maybe your husband or boyfriend has a penis that curves, and you want to be able to help. What we’re going to talk about here is the best method for correcting and lengthening a penis that is crooked.

Did you know that the majority of men have a very slight curve or hang to the penis? That’s totally normal. But about 0.4% of men suffer from a condition where their erect penis is severely bent or curved.

This condition, called Peyronie’s Disease, is so extreme that it makes intercourse painful for both partners or in some instances, intercourse is completely impossible. The penis may bend in a “J” or “U” shape when erect, or it may have a series of corkscrew-like bends.

Besides Peyronie’s Disease, this condition is sometimes called fibrous caverositis because of the condition’s description of having fibrous scar tissue building up in the layers of the erectile tissue, or cavernosa.

What Causes Peyronie’s Disease?

There is disagreement among physicians about what exactly causes Peyronie’s Diesease. What is known, though, is that that the condition happens when inelastic plaque or scar tissue replaces the normally elastic tissue in the penis.

When an erection happens, it expands the elastic tissue of the penis symmetrically (for the most part), which produces a straight erection. Since scar tissue is not elastic or stretchy, but rather hard, it stays in place while other parts of the penis engorge. This results in a curvature or severe bending in the penis. If this scar tissue extends all the way around the shaft of the penis, you get either a bottleneck or pinching-in of the penis, and maybe even a dramatic shortening of the penis.

This could happen for any number of reasons. Injury, inflammation, or trauma to an erect penis are the main culprits. I have been very successful with Bimix penile injections, but I have to be careful not to let scar tissue build up.

Physicians also think that other medical conditions may help bring on Peyronie’s, such as high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, or diabetes. It could be genetic as well.
ProExtender Penis Lengthening Device all natural penis enlargement how to fix a crooked penis device size matters male enhancement

Why Surgery Is Not The Best Option For How To Fix A Crooked Penis

Treatment options for how to fix a crooked penis run the gamut. Every Peyronie’s case is different, so it can be hard to know what treatment option for a curved penis is the best. Surgery is the first thing that comes to mind for many men, but doctors will normally tell patients to try out other treatment options first, with surgery as a last-report.

Some men improve spontaneously without treatment within 1-2 years, and scar tissue may even disappear. However, about 40% of men see no change in the curve of their penis, and another 40% of men see their condition worsen. This leads many to think that they have to have a surgery.

When researching how to fix a crooked penis, you will probably run across two popular surgeries. The first is called the Nesbit procedure, but it often results in a shortening of the penis by 1 to 2 inches, which isn’t ideal. The second procedure replaces scar tissue with grafted tissue. However, that may result in a partial loss of erectile function. Maybe even total loss. Ouch.

Point being, before you go through with surgery, trying alternative methods is a must.

The Best Way To Fix A Crooked Penis

The best way to fix a crooked penis is through traction devices, which are all-natural self-treatment options. To get the most out of the treatment, you should combine it with a Vitamin E therapy.

The very best penile corrective device is ProExtender. It works by gently applying consistent, measured traction to the penis which counteracts the hardening of scar tissue while building the penis’s straight dimensions.

ProExtender is a medical-grade device that can be worn discreetly under your clothes. If you have a job that doesn’t require a lot of movement, you can even wear it to work. If worn consistently, you can see results in just a couple of months without being touched by a surgeon’s scalpel.

What Are The Benefits Of ProExtender?

Are there side effects of ProExtender? No, there are no side effects of ProExtender. But the benefits of ProExtender are amazing. The cost is ridiculously low compared to surgery, especially when you consider that it will change your life. While you should always consult your doctor when beginning a new treatment, you won’t spend thousands of dollars fighting something that can be treated at home.

I love the fact that ProExtender is an at-home treatment that you can do on your own without the trauma and terrible risks of surgery. It is a great way to learn how to fix a crooked penis in a natural way.

To get even more out of ProExtender you should include Vitamin E, which has been shown to be effective in the battle against penile curvature.

Besides knowing how to fix a crooked penis, ProExtender will help you increase the size of your penis. It is truly a ground breaking tool, and the best we have seen.

How Can You Buy ProExtender?

ProExtender is easy to buy. You can buy it discreetly and without a prescription online. If you would prefer to call in, you can find the toll-free number at the link above. I’ll even give you a ProExtender promo code that will save you $300 for a limited time: 361142.

Lets look again at the benefits of ProExtender.

  • No surgery required
  • Low cost compared to surgery
  • Safe to use
  • Can be worn discreetly
  • Can be bought online
  • Will straighten the penis
  • Will lengthen the penis

So if you are trying to find out how to fix a crooked penis, and you want the best way to fix a crooked penis, then our suggestion is to go with ProExtender.

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