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(Updated 2018) Best Over the Counter Last Longer In Bed Medicines, Pills, and Sprays

Last updated on August 17th, 2018

If you are looking for the best over the counter last longer in bed medicines and methods, you have come to the right place.

I have compiled some of the best ideas and treatments for premature ejaculation that are readily available without a prescription. This list is based partly on my experience and partly on the experiences of others.

As always, individual results may vary, but this list is a great way to start if you are looking to last longer during sex, lead a more satisfying sex life for you and your partner, and find great sex pills for men to last longer.

So how to overcome premature ejaculation? These male enhancement to last longer medicines, pills, and sprays will go a long way to helping you have more stamina in bed.

If you are in the market to buy some medication for premature ejaculation, these are the best I have found, especially this first one.

Here’s to better sex in 2018!

#1 – The Best OTC Erectile Dysfunction/Premature Ejaculation Medicine in 2018

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VigFX Bottle Free Trial bottle don't pass it up hard erections great sex last longer in bed sex pills over the counterWhile VigFX will help you last longer in bed, it does so much more as well. VigFX is a bottle of tablets that will give you better stamina, a better sex drive, and increase the strength of your erections. In short, it will make your sex life more than just lasting longer in bed.

I have personally tried VigFX, and I came away impressed. It’s hard to put into words, but I just felt different.

When you deal with premature ejaculation, your confidence suffers. VigFX gave me sexual confidence. The secret is in the enteric coating that keeps the ingredients from dissolving too quickly. They stay in your system long enough to pack the most powerful punch.

Best part? Order this month, and you’ll receive a FREE bottle of VigFX.

It’s a great offer that you won’t want to pass up. You’ll pay a small shipping and handling charge, but other than that there’s nothing you’ll pay up front. If you don’t like it, call and cancel. That’s what got me to try it the first time.

If you want more information, here is my review, and here are some FAQs about VigFX. With the free trial offer, it is a great way to improve premature ejaculation and overall sexual performance.

But don’t wait…make sure to take advantage of the free bottle. Where else have you heard of free erectile dysfunction meds?

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VigRx Delay Spray

vigrx delay spray numbing spray benzocaine premature ejaculation pe erectile dysfunction ed VigRx Delay Spray is a PE numbing spray I have tried and liked.

In fact, as far as I’m concerned, it is the BEST numbing spray to help with premature ejaculation.

There are a lot of available numbing sprays for your penis that do a great job, and some of those are listed below.

But if you want to be able to feel the comfort that comes with having a great sexual experience with your partner without worrying about ejaculating too quickly and without spending a ton of money, then VigRx Delay Spray is the best way to go.

Using VigRx Delay Spray is simple. You spray it on your penis and rub it into the penile tissue.

There is a mild anesthetic called benzocaine, which makes the penis less sensitive to stimuli. It works to numb your penis, which can take away some sensation on your part, but what good is the sensation if it’s causing you to finish too quickly, and it’s causing what should be a fun night to be just more frustration?

When I was dealing with premature ejaculation, I just wanted to last longer for my wife. I wasn’t worried about me. Numbing sprays can help with that. You’ll want to make sure to let it sit long enough so that it doesn’t transfer to your partner, but other than that, there aren’t many bad sides.

The best part is that it comes with a 67 day money back guarantee. You don’t like it, return it and get your money back. There’s nothing to lose. If you hate it, all you lost was the shipping charge. If you love it, then you have taken a big leap toward giving yourself and your partner a great sex life.

If you are wanting to dip your toe in penis sprays, the money back guarantee makes VigRx the best place to start the battle against premature ejaculation.

More information about VigRX Delay Spray

Full Review of VigRX Delay Spray

VigRX Delay Spray FAQs

What is a Male Desensitizer?

7 Reasons to Use a Male Desensitizer Spray

>>You can buy VigRx Delay Spray online here.

ProSolution Gel

Whether you are affected by an inability to maintain or achieve an erection, struggle to hold onto a full erection, desire more size or stamina, struggle with premature ejaculation or want to improve sensations and the power of your climax, ProSolution Gel is the answer that you are looking for.

This powerful male enhancement gel is one of the fastest acting solutions in the premature ejaculation market.

It works WITHIN SECONDS. No waiting around.

It uses natural ingredients to drive blood flow directly to the penis. ProSolution Gel has a safe and natural warming sensation that feels great for both men and women, and it can be used with condoms. You will get harder, firmer erections, and you will last longer in bed.

A great way to use ProSolution Gel is to have your partner massage it into your penis during foreplay and for both of you to be able to feel you getting bigger and harder in under a minute. Who wouldn’t want that?

ProSolution Gel also comes with a 67 day money back guarantee. Try it today, and if you don’t like it, get your money back. Prosolution Gel is what I recommended when I whipped up some quick tips to curing premature ejaculation.

More information about Prosolution Gel

Full Review of ProSolution Gel

How Long Does Prosolution Gel Take to Work?

ProSolution Gel FAQs

What and How Does ProSolution Gel Help?

>>You can read more about ProSolution Gel and buy your guaranteed order here.

ProSolution Plus

The ultimate last longer pills, ProSolution Plus is a box of long lasting sex pills and a natural remedy for premature ejaculation. It is different from ProSolution Gel in that it is in a pill form.

ProSolution Plus is all-natural and doesn’t need a prescription. With blends of Asian herbals, amino acids, minerals, and nutrients from Chinese medicine, ProSolution Plus will reduce PE and charge up your sex life.

ProSolution Plus doesn’t work instantly like ProSolution Gel. It is made to help you over the long haul.

You will feel within a week why ProSolution Plus pills are some of the best stamina pills to last longer in bed, and  you will enjoy less premature ejaculation and increased sex drive shortly after.

Most guys hit their stride with ProSolution Plus between three and six months. You will need to keep using ProSolution Plus for best results.

The sex will be more than enough to make you realize that ProSolution Plus is an investment in your happiness and enjoyment of life.

And yes, you can combine ProSolution Plus and ProSolution Gel to get awesome results in the bedroom. And like ProSolution Gel, you get a 67 day money back guarantee. Plenty of time to see if these sex pills work for you.

More Information about Prosolution Plus

Full Review of ProSolution Plus

ProSolution Plus FAQs

>>You can read more about ProSolution Plus and buy your guaranteed order here.


Promescent is another penis numbing spray. You spray it on the penis before sexual activity, wait a few minutes, and begin the fun.

You do not want to begin too early because if you do the spray can transfer to your partner, and the desensitizing medicine can make her unable to enjoy intercourse.

However, if you wait long enough, Promescent does a great job of desensitizing the penis, leaving you able to last longer in bed.

Promescent comes in various sizes, so you can get a trial size and see if it works for you.

>>You can buy Promescent online here.


Leyzene V2

Leyzene V2 is a top sex pill to last longer that promises powerful results every time, with one pill providing immediate results. It is all pure, natural, safe and effective.

By naturally raising nitric oxide and testosterone by combining the proper ingredients, you can get great results in the bedroom.  The ingredients in question are Agmatine Sulfate, Xanthoparmelia, Cnidium, Ginger, and Horny Goat Weed.

The time needed for the pill to work depends on the man. It could take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. However, you will not have to worry about the smell of a spray, and you will still get to enjoy sex and be able to feel what it’s like to be inside your woman. Leyzene V2 comes in a box of 10 last longer pills.

>>You can buy Leyzene online here.


Tong Balm

Adam & Eve Tong Balm to Help a Man Last Longer in Bed

Tong Balm has been a best seller for years for men looking for the best over the counter last longer in bed medicines.

Instead of numbing the nerves in the penis, Tong Balm works to actually increase your sensation during sex. But it allows you to have better muscle control for your penis during sex.

By enhancing your muscular control, not only can you last longer, you can have better, more explosive orgasms.

Tong Balm doesn’t work instantly like the sprays. You have to start using an hour or so before sex, so it requires some planning and communication with your partner.

It also takes some practice to be able to use it just right. However, when used correctly, it can revolutionize your sex life.

>>You can buy Tong Balm online here.

Try What Works Best For You

These are some of the best over the counter last longer in bed medicines and sprays that you can purchase, but there are other good long lasting sex pills out there to buy.

After a little patience and experimentation to find the best pills to last longer in bed, and working on non-medication therapies, you can continue to enhance your sex life and overcome premature ejaculation. Your bedroom will never be the same!

Mike D

I have struggled with erectile dysfunction since I was in my 20s. It hasn't been easy dealing with it, but with the help of a doctor, medications, and a great wife, I have been able to overcome ED. I created this site to help out other guys who are dealing with the same situation.

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