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How To Get Your Wife To Give You Head: Quick Easy Tips

There are a lot of problems that come along with erectile dysfunction. One of those is that it interferes with your desire for intimacy. It also interferes with your wife’s desire for intimacy, because neither of you wants to start something that you can’t finish.

Whether it is sexual intercourse or oral sex, eventually you both fall out of the pattern of desiring sex. And it can be difficult to get going again once you find ways to overcome ED.

If you are here reading this, you are probably wanting to know how to get your wife to give you head more often or even at all. Here are some tips to help spice up your relationship with more oral love. You might be surprised how often she will be offering it up!

Don’t Beg – Or Even Ask – For Oral Sex

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If you have any respect at all for your wife, and you should respect her more than any other woman on the planet, then you should never ask her to do something sexually that she’s uncomfortable with. That will make her resentful and push her away from sex.

The quickest way to reduce the frequency of sex with your wife is to make her think that having sex is a chore or a job. Is going to work or doing chores around the house something you can’t wait to do every day? I didn’t think so. Make sure that you keep your wife from thinking sex is a chore.

On top of that, women, whether it’s consciously or subconsciously, neither like it nor respect it when you are asking for sex or a blowjob. It looks needy, and women don’t like needy men. They want their men to be confident.

You want to find the right mix of being respectful, persuasive, and direct, without out-and-out asking. You want oral sex to be your wife’s idea.

Take Care Of Your Hygiene

sexy shower with man and woman hygiene is important to get your wife to give you head

It’s a good thing that women are attracted to things besides just looks. It’s because men can be gross. We work hard, sweat a lot, and we don’t always do a great job of keeping ourselves clean.

But women want us to be clean. If you want your wife to go down on you, you need to make sure your body is inviting. Clean your crotch in the shower. Trim up your pubic hair. Make sure your breath smells good.

Have you ever been turned off because a woman smelled bad? Do you want your wife or girlfriend to have the same experience with you? I doubt it. Make sure that you are shaved and smell great. Otherwise you will be out before you ever got into the game.

Compliment Your Wife

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Remember when you were first dating your wife? What about when you first got married? Everything you did was for your wife. And you complimented her all the time.

Know what else was happening pretty often, if not all the time? You were getting laid. Your wife was initiating sex. She’d pull down your pants, grab you and suck you off. OK, maybe not all of you got that last part, but you were having sex quite a bit.

I know, making sure your wife feels pretty and loved isn’t a guarantee for a fast track to the bedroom or getting head, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Aren’t you more willing to do some of the things she asks when you feel like she loves you and is really into you? If you want to know how to get your wife to give you head, you need to make sure you are feeding into her emotional needs.

Plan A Vacation

romantic vacation can lead to a blowjob

Sex is more exciting when there is a newness to it. And going on vacation, or even a hotel in a nearby city, is a great way to have an intimate time in a new environment.

When you go on vacation you get to spend time along with your wife, away from the kids and work, and you two get to focus on each other. You see why you fell in love to begin with. You see what attracted you, and sexually attracted you to each other to begin with.

Use this time to make sex special, not just something you do before you go to bed. Take a bath together. Use some special oils. One of the best times my wife and I have had in bed recently was during a trip to New Orleans when we tried a new oil. It was awesome.

The cool things is that this relationship refresher will continue when you get home, and if you follow the rest of these tips along with the link at the bottom, your wife will be giving you regular blowjobs in no time.

Create A Sexy and Sensual Atmosphere

burning candle in bedroom can set a great mood for sex

Does your bedroom resemble a storage shed more than a place of respite? Are there clothes, books, and electronics strewn around? Is the bed constantly messy? Without even knowing it, your brain and your wife’s brain is being turned off sexually by the mess.

Instead of asking your wife to have sex or oral sex is a pig pen, try creating a sexual atmosphere throughout your house.

Light some candles. Play some music. Pour a couple of glasses of wine. Your wife’s mind will begin to turn to things more sexual.

Make sure your bedroom is inviting. Make is a sanctuary instead of just the place where you hope to have sex.

Better yet, have sex in other places in the house. Try the couch or even the stairs. That’s fun. Go out to the car and have sex in the car like you did when you were dating.

When you make sex more inviting to begin with, you will lead your wife to wanting to please you with her mouth. It all starts with the mind.

Perform Oral Sex On Your Wife

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If you are not willing to go down on your wife and eat her out, then the odds of her willing to do the same to you are going to be between slim and none. And why would she?

To make things better, perform oral sex on her as if you don’t care if she gives it back or not. When you expect nothing in return, there is a good chance you actually will get a return, and your wife will be excited to give you head. Just do it because you want to do it.

Now, if the problem you encounter is that your wife just doesn’t like the idea of blowjobs, then there is a good chance that she doesn’t like being eaten out. Part of your training to get her to give you head is to also get her to see the erotic pleasure that comes with receiving oral sex. More on this below.

Don’t Be Overaggressive During A Blowjob

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If you finally learned how to get your wife to give you head, don’t ruin things by being overly aggressive. If she’s new to it, then she’s exploring a new thing as well.

Let her get comfortable with your penis and what makes you feel good. Let her go as deep as she wants. As long as you make sure she knows how much you appreciate and love her going down on you, the more likely she will be willing to do it again. And again. And again.

Don’t worry about if she’s doing it right. Just be thankful she’s doing it at all.

This is especially true if you have a big dick. If you are being too forceful, it’s going to make it extremely uncomfortable, and then guess what? You aren’t getting fellatio anymore. And that will translate to less sex overall.

Read Oral Fixation: Why She Hates Giving Giving You Head and How To Get Her To Love It

oral fixation how to get your wife to give you head book

Oral Fixation will speak directly to you. If you are trying your hardest to figure out how to get your wife to give you head but getting nowhere, then you definitely need to grab this system that will teach you the one secret that will turn her on and make her a blowjob lover.

There is actually a right way to receive a blowjob, and this book will teach you how to do that.

Believe it or not, getting on-demand blowjobs has nothing to do with the woman. It’s really about you. Oral Fixation will give you everything you need to make your woman feel in control with a primal Pavlovian response to the thought of unzipping your pants and giving you moaning, wet blowjobs more than you ever imagined.

I can’t recommend this enough. Take a look at the video, try it out (it’s got a money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work), and enjoy the results.

You can check out Oral Fixation here. Do it today. You won’t regret it.

Knowing How To Get Your Wife To Give You Head Transforms Sex Lives

Do you want your wife to hunger for you? Do you want her to give you eager blowjobs multiple times a week, with it being her idea, make sure you put these items into action.

Before you know it she will take you in your mouth, she will love it, your fantasies will come true, and you will get head like you were when you were first married.

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